Backyard Shed: MHA Part 2

Hi Friends! Welcome to February. I've heard from some of you recently that I need to blog more often. I know things were getting pretty skimpy at the end of the year. So last month I managed 3 posts in the month and I'm hoping for the same if not more this month. If you want to be sure not miss any updates just click on the "subscribe to this blog" in the bar to the right. I know you will want to keep updated because we're (FINALLY) moving forward with some projects over here in the modern monkey section of Friendly St. 'hood - finally. Major going-ons include - new bed, staining and hanging of front door - yup we still haven't done that (this includes buying modern hardware), and the super big deal - the backyard shed aka Margarita Holding Area (MHA).
Mr. Monkey and Friends (I think I was in a band once called Mr. Monkey and his friends) (thanks Friends!) have made some serious progress. Check it out!
Up top Mr. Monkey was working on a beautiful December day believe it not! And had nailed up a good deal of the siding. One re-use and recycle tip is that Mr. Monkey used the same planks of wood to create the board forms for the concrete bits that he did for the siding. Below is a detail shot of an eye of a wood board that was left imprinted in the concrete wall. Faux bois concrete style?

This is a view from the back of the shed - this is kinda the alley view. You can see the rafters and the frame for the back windows.

Here is Mr. Monkey is being a monkey and climbing down the south side of the shed. This window is a little funny because it's a bit low. I like it because it rests in between the two texture elements of wood and concrete. It will also be the only eye-level window in the place. The other windows are up high and are meant to let the light in. Mr. Monkey was so thoughtful when planning this aspect of the shed. The shed will be a working shed and so there will be stuff piled high. We don't want to see that stuff from the backyard and we don't want people in the alley to be able to see our stuff in the shed - so he went for a clerestory window feel to let light in but to keep clutter out of sight.

This view below is from the front door perspective. The building is a long narrow shape. You can kinda get a sense of the clerestory style windows and the eye level window. The narrow eye-level window faces out to the pear tree and a future wet-land garden (that area of the back yard is always pretty wet). Overall we're pretty excited and actually since I've taken these photos more progress has been - all the siding is up and windows are in place so those pictures will be posted next week. Next up is the roof and then the staircase up to our Margarita Holding Area. For now it looks like we're on schedule to have a summer debut of the sunset viewing space. Can't wait! Thanks for reading about the MHA and all the other silly stuff on here.

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