Modern Platform Storage Beds!

Doze from Suite New York.
Modern Storage Bed from Modern Interiors.
Hudson from Room & Board.

So when Mr. Monkey and I returned from Chile and Palm Springs we were so happy to snuggle up in our own bed. It's so cozy and soft and soft and lead to achey backs and crooked necks. We were shocked! What happened? Too much kayaking? Too much working out? Too much age? Although we consider ourselves a smart bunch it took us a couple of weeks to realize (cue villian music - dun dun duh) it was our very own beloved bed that was causing us so much pain!!! We promptly moved the old mattress out and moved the mattress from our guest bedroom in. We're cuurently sleeping on that foam pillow of a thing which is super cozy and the cricks and aches have gotten much better. We've recently decided though that we're ready for a new space age springless mattress. We're still shopping for that piece but somewhere along the way a salesperson said to us that platform beds are the best fit for foam beds and well it didn't take much more than that for me to yes yes yes! I started looking and found some gorgeous. I started with Apartment Therapy. They had a posting awhile back on inexpensive modern platform beds. I took a look at the IKEA bed but it was too cheap. I found the 3 examples above. The first one called Doze and is the most expensive from Suite New York. You can pass hours drooling over many of their products. The last one is from Room & Board and is called Hudson with storage. While the price is much more reasonable it's still a touch outside true financial comfort for use. Another problem is that most of these platform beds only come in the queen size. Mr. Monkey and I love being in a smaller bed and our bedroom itself is small. To have a queen would really suck up too much space. And you know we're all about livin' large (in lifestyle) while livin' small (impact and footprint). So our solution . . . drum roll please . . . call in all-around nice guy and extremely talented wood artist - Jonathon Plummer owner of Bunchberry Woodworking. We met with Jonathon this past week and discussed ideas - believe it or not a combination or drawers and cantilevered-ness! We'll keep you posted as we review a first draft of the bed next week.


  1. positively drooling over that platform by Doze...

  2. Yup, it's pretty great. I think ours is going to be modeled after the Hudson with a Doze twist. . .

  3. Platform storage beds are very modern for bedrooms. It is one of the best Storage beds which is used now a days.