Modern Shopping in Eugene

Photos provided from owner on Google.

Eugene Modern Newsflash!
Modern is the name of the store. Located over on 5th and Pearl across the street from the 5th Street Public Market this little shop has always left me wanting more. Over the years it has been limited by space. I love that they sell Gus*Modern but with limited floor space they can usually only display a couch or two. So it's not really the Go To place for modern furnishings. They often have great accent pillows, but again the space does not allow them to have a variety. They at times carry Angela Adams rugs (and purses/wallets) - gorgeous - but the space is often a barrier. In January, Denise Sprengelmeyer, the owner, sent out a request for feedback from her clients and patrons. According to the newsletter she sent out this week the survey was helpful and sales have been great. Which leads to this newsflash - Modern will be expanding! What wonderful news during these crappy economic times. I'm super happy for Denise and her staff and I'm super happy for me and those of you who enjoy spending time and purchasing many of their modern items. You can read about our Flor searching and Flor buying experience by clicking on the links. I found the two pictures above from google maps and you can see the angela adams rugs hanging from the second level railing, you can also see 2 really cute christmas stockings on the table - I purchased those both, one for mom (Mother Monkey) and one for brother (Lucky Monkey). In the bottom picture you can also see examples of great lighting, Modern always has the most original lighting options in town plus a Marimekko pillow in the background. We ll I'm very excited for them and for Eugene. I think their re-newed vision will be profitable for the store and beneficial for patrons. Thanks, Modern!

"Our goal is to be the interior design resource customers can count on in Eugene rather than having to drive to Portland to find what they want." Modern Newsletter.

I can't wait! I'll be sure to report back in March once they've opened the new space. Yippee!

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