Gearing Up for Spring Cleaning: AT's The Cure

In the past I've mentioned Apartment Therapy's Book and how it has helped to give me steps for keeping our house clean and organized. Obviously this is a work in progress and we constantly need help and reminders. AT has been sponsoring these "Cures" throughout the last few years and I've signed up for "The Cure" twice now. They send you a weekly email reminder for what you're working on this week - you can focus on just one room in your house or you can focus on a larger whole-house scale. Last time I focused on our bedroom - which still needs alot of work  - but the room went from the ghastly pictures below to the tidy space above. You can go here if you want to sign up for "The Cure" this time around. I'm embarrassed to show you the pictures below but I'm happy to report that after The AT Cure it is much easier to sleep in the room. 
  When we first moved into the house Mr. Monkey went out and bought himself a chest of drawers - the one on the right to be exact. I had the on the left from college. Although the aesthetics for the drawers on the left may not be exactly ours I was happy that at least the drawers slid well. As for the dresser Mr. Monkey got, the drawers themselves did not work so well and they were too small for his clothes so the drawers were often left open and his clothes on top of the dresser. So through the 8 weeks of The AT Cure I set out to help both of us purge major piles of clothes and also find a functional set of drawers. The picture below is after we got rid of clothes and moved in the new-to-us 1960's bedroom set (Craigslist purchase). The 2 pictures up top are how it all looks now. I think I'd like to continue to focus on our bedroom but for now, for this 8 week cure I'm going to place all my attention on personal home office matters. So I'm announcing it here - (yes it's at the very bottom of this entry - hopefully most of you didn't make it down this far . . .) at the end of these 8 weeks I will have purged loads and loads of paper (recycled of course) and I will have a system for organizing our bills - paid and unpaid, and I will have a process for receiving bills, and for storing them when needed. Wish me and Mr. Monkey luck!

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