Kitchen Renovation: Modern Wood Stoves

Well we had to do a bit of research to finally discover a wood stove that would fit our modern aesthetic and would be in a price range that we could afford. But we finally did! Here's a link to Pacific Energy where we found "the Fusion". A sleek modern wood burning stove. We opted to the black one and not the stainless steel one pictures here (mostly because of cost).  Also thanks to our wonderful friends, Mr. and Mrs. Duck Monkey, we discovered this Springfield business that will order it for us and install at a reasonable price - Good Deal Metal. The wood stove is going to go at the far end of the front room, so while it's not exactly a part of the kitchen redo it's a part of the overall front room redo which is taking place at the same time. Can't wait to do yoga in the front room heated by our cozy and modern stove!

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  1. Storage Heaters
    A luxurious modern wooden losing range. We decided to the black one and not the metal.