Backsplash Tile

Progress is steady here and decisions are being made every day. Friday we finally decided on the tile for the backsplash. We chose these 10x20 tiles that are all white but have a nice geometric relief. The tiles are a white porcelain. We looked at a lot of tile at 4 different stores not including internet shopping. I had really wanted a mosaic tile but most of it is glass and costs over $20 a sq foot.    In the end we just weren't finding the colors we were looking for in our price range. I'm really happy with the large shape and modern pattern. The pattern we will stack and so we'll have nice vertical lines adding the feeling of height to the wall.  We're really pleased with the look and the price! I think it's going to be modern, clean, and classy! 


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  2. What is the name of this tile and where did you purchase it?