Parallam Wood Beam: Load Bearing Modern Feature

before - south facing view
before-north facing view
before - north facing view
In progress - with beam and skylight, north facing view (Mr. Monkey too)

In progress - south facing view 
In progress - south facing view
As a part of the kitchen redesign we removed the breakfast bar. Before we removed the bar however we had it checked and it was in fact load bearing soooo that means we were gonna have to get something in there to support the weight of the building. We decided on a parallam wood beam that we would leave it exposed. Here's what we have so far. I really love the texture and color play its got goin on. I think once we have the rest of the wood features with the cabinets (a mix of walnut, apply ply, and maple) it's gonna look sweet. In these pics you can also see the skylights shedding some light on the situation.

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