Kitchen Faucet Choices

What do you guys think? These are the 2 finalist for Kitchen Sink faucet. Both have the same pause feature and the same spray pull out  directly from the primary neck as opposed to a separate spray pull out.  Don't be thrown off by one having a plate and the other one not having one. This is a simple item to change. Also both faucets have 360 degree rotation possibility. Both are from Kohler and similarly priced. And both are available in a finish that would match our appliances. Last but not least the one on the left is called the Elate and the one on the left is call the Simplice. Basically the decision comes down to which shape and look do you think will fit the best in our kitchen. Feel free to offer your words of wisdom or just flat out opinions in the comments section. Just think . . . in less than a month we'll have our stunning after pictures up and we'll be able to invite those of you in town over for a glass of wine! Can't wait! Thanks for checking in! 

1 comment:

  1. My opinion is the Simplice (the one on the right) for two reasons. One, I think the more vertical and graceful nature of it will go better with the white tile backsplash. Two, I like just pulling the extension hose straight down rather than out and down, as you'd have to do with the one on the left. That said, they are both nice!