Modern Mexico City: Part 2

It's taken a snow and ice storm to get me back to blogging! Snuggled by the fire looking out at a winter wonderland is a perfect time to reflect on warm weather, sun, and spring travel adventures. Here I offer you some pictures of the hotel that we stayed in while in Mexico City. It's called Downtown Mexico City. It's a silly name for a hotel but the hotel itself was quite beautiful. The hotel is part of the Grupo Habita family of boutique hotels. The pictures from the website of the hotel really don't do the building justice. One of our favorite features were that there were at least 3 different outdoor dining areas. One space pictured below is a separate restaurant but in the same building. Mr. Monkey especially appreciated the living wall with a bike hanging from it to look like the bike was simply parked on a lovely grassy patch of a park. There was also a small but awesome rooftop pool, bar, and jacuzzi. We soaked with a professional paddle boarder and his girlfriend who were just passing through from Australia to Europe. They decided to break up their trip in D.F. (district federal, aka Mexico City, like calling Washington D.C., "D.C."). Of course! If you want to see better pictures of the rooms check out the hotel website. They do a much better job of picturing the room. In the end we were very happy with our choice of hotels. The location was amazing and I will definitely stay here again! I also want to check out other Grupo Habita hotels too. Hmm, now where will our next sunny adventure be?
Me in the bottom left corner, black metal poles are purse and coat holders for each table.

Slightly better view of bike on park wall.

Yummy breakfast with Nopales and mole!

Restaurant decor.

Me standing outside the door to our room. This is the second floor and the green bushes are tops of trees that cover the cafe patio below.

Second floor hotel restaurant.

Recreated Lazano painting in staircase down to first floor.

Cigarettes in our mini-bar station!

Sinks in our room.

Bathroom with only a curtain! Good for couples only!

Hotel lobby

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