And we're back!

Well I'm glad to report that this blog is not dead...yet! We've got one last hurrah and then the show will be over. Consider this the encore (that you maybe never even asked for). It will be the one year encore, nothing more, but possibly less!
Close up of Vatican floor tiles. I'm pretty sure they're hand painted. 
To catch you up Mr. Monkey and I have been thoroughly enjoying our lovely kitchen that was designed almost five years ago.  This spring it will have been four years since our central room in our wee home was transformed into the super functional, comfortable, and stylish space it is now.
You may remember that back then the major players were David Schmitz, AIA, from engage:ARCHITECTURE  and Jonathon Plummer (who has since moved onto to sunnier skies in San Diego). It seemed like a natural to once again call David for his creative vision for pleasing aesthetics partnered with environmentally-friendly design. Well it's official! He's back and working on a design for us as we speak. In two weeks we'll have the final design so until then I'll be uploading some of our inspirations as we plan.  Right now I'm obsessed with tile! So here are some tile inspirations from some of our travels over the last couple of years.

Tile floor from somewhere in the Vatican Museum, Vatican City.

A building in Italy.
I always love a pop of color against black and white floors, Hotel Downtown Mexico City.

The under stair ceiling in the Sanborn's in Mexico City.

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