Front Yard Update

This first picture is just the tease. Mr. Monkey worked hard on the flagstone patio out front. It's laid in concrete and is nice and solid and flat and level. I love it. Read and see below for more of a play by play of how the new and improved front yard evolved.

Well it's not completed but you can get a sense of the work that Mr. Monkey, my hubby, has done. Wowza! We are getting lots of positive comments from the neighbors and friends that have stopped by. Click to see what it looked like when we bought the place. Look below for even more pics of the evolution of our front yard. You can see that Mr. Monkey took out that not so modern fencing. When he did - we called it "The Great Liberation". Our yard looked so much better once that yuckerific fence was gone. 

And the 3 basalt columns are really a show stopper. One of the 3 is a fountain and quite nice for a little burbling but without the mosquito eggs that tend to gather in slow moving fountains. The water just drains through the rock bed to a container down below and filters back up. Amazing as far as I'm concerned.  We have few more more plant and flower additions that are in the ground sine this last picture was taken so stay tuned for more front yard goodness. 

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