Oak St. Vintage, Eugene, Oregon

You couldn't find a nicer little vintage shop in a house in a medium sized town than Oak St. Vintage. The owners Cora and Carl are super nice and love to talk about all things mid century mod. If I'm having a grouchy day I just like to stop by and be around the B-U-tiful items they've added to the store.  Here's some pics from my most recent fly-by. 

I was thinking about this lamp (there's two in the picture) as a bed side reading lamp but it just had too big of a foot print. And I was thinking about this wee table (below) as a nightstand for my side of the bed but I found one on craigslist that was in a bit better condition. This one was super affordable at $40, it was on consignment, but it did have a water stain on the top shelf. The white portion slid back to reveal a secret compartment to store all of your bedside goodies. I had to pass on these items but I'll be back soon and I hope some of you local folks will stop by soon to visit Cora and Carl and all their super stylin' mid-century accoutrements.

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