When in Tucson: Copper Country

Believe it or not there is mid-century modern furniture in this building!

There wasn't quite enough sun here in Eugene so I thought I'd pop over to Tucson for some fun in the sun. Mostly I spent my time with dear dear friends who just had twins. You can imagine life with twins was pretty busy but not too busy for a quick visit to one of my friend's favorite antique shop. Even when life is so hectic and you're sleep deprived it's good to squeeze in a few minutes of diversion and inspiration.  For my friend and I this would include looking at great design and funky signs. This store - Copper Country has both! Check out this picture. It's hard to see but there is in fact a huge buffalo on the roof with wings AND the winged buffalo is on top of the boat. It's hard to date them but I'm thinking they're not from the 50's. You have to go inside for those goodies.This is a rosewood K. Kristiansen chair that they were charging $150.00. Below the silver tortoise shell is actually a lamp. It was labeled as "Arthur Court" and cost $1200.   I loved the tortoise shell lamp but of course it's too big for our wee house and way out of our price range for a lamp. Oh well.  If you happen to be in Tucson stop by this fun store. There are lots of other treasures that have nothing to do with being fabulously modern but are equally fun to sort through. Enjoy!

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