Thrift Store Art: Berghoff Print

Well my friends I know that many times you have heard my praise the attributes of thrift store shopping. And really even I'm getting a little tired of telling people where I got something - the answer is usually a thrift store. This time I took a step up and went to an Antique Store. Mr. Monkey and I spent a lovely Saturday afternoon in a local antique store (on Willamette St. for those local readers).  They had lots of fun items. My favorites were an over sized whisk - maybe a fun decorative for the kitchen and a wooden movable artist's figure.  Pictures to follow. First up, I came across this print entitled "Gusty Wind". I didn't particularly like it but I did notice that it was strangely similar to a print I dug up at Goodwill (the first one pictured). Can you see it? Can you see it too? Well I didn't even know who made my dug up print. So I took these pics on my phone and came on home and as my niece would say "wowie wowie zowie kaplowie" it was by the same artist. So my question now goes something like this, "Did the antique store over price it or did I make a nice little score at the good Goodwill?" Oh and I think I paid 20 bucks at the good Goodwill. I have yet to do any internet sleuthing so if you know anything do tell. I bought "daises" because I need some cheap art quick for our bedroom. I was tired looking at a blank wall. Anyway it's doing the trick and I'll think I'll hold onto it for the time. So whaddaya think? Over priced or send it Goodwill? That is the question!

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