Seattle Times: Hip Hyatt Hotel

Well Friday evening Mr. Monkey and I headed up to Seattle, WA to visit our good friend Music Monkey. We were there to see Music Monkey sing in the Seattle Men's Chorus with none other than the Unsinkable Debbie Reynolds! She exhibited a spunkiness for a 30 year old let alone her actual age 77! She's quite the inspiration. Once in Seattle I surprised Mr. Monkey and we stayed at a hotel instead of Music Monkey's apartment.  We stayed at the Hyatt at Olive 8 (Olive and 8th Ave.). I was first attracted to the Hotel during my Trip Advisor search by their Grand Opening special - stay 2 nights, get the 2nd night half off. My attention was also caught by their clearly modern design and the promise that this may be the first hotel in Seattle that receives LEED certification. I was not disappointed by the rooms. Although a touch small (typical of big cities I guess) they had some space savers that I've never seen in a hotel room.
 Next to the bar is a bench that I wish I had taken a picture of. The bench is built in, firm, but covered in a green shiny fabric - it's better than I'm describing. Three other major space savers are 1) sliding doors for the closet and the bathroom, 2) a sliding surface that slide out from under the dry bar, and 3) bed side tables that are attached to the wall, are floating and so can have bags and bed pillows placed under them. 

Other great details  - check out this electronic board! I was pretty in love with it even though I didn't even get to use it. We had my laptop but not the cords to hook it up - I suspect that we could have played a movie from my laptop on the T.V. Also in regards to electricity the only way to engage the lights in the room was to place the key card in a slot next to the door when you entered the room. This way folks can't leave the lights on unless they leave their key card in the slot in the room. It also helps scatterbrains like me to know always where the key is! Love it! We also checked out the bar Urbane - you'll have to check out Hyatt's webpage to view a pic - super sleek white and silver  - and the spa where we went for a swim in the saline pool and jacuzzi. We were disappointed that the steams rooms weren't open. Anyway this was the first time Mr. Monkey has been to a swanky hotel like this and while he's not super impressed by fancy money environments he did like the green edge to everything. Apart from a B & B on the Oregon Coast called Ocean Haven it was the first hotel we've stayed at to have recycling in the rooms. Hopefully good modern and green design will move beyond trendy to common practice. Be modern, live well. 


  1. Thanks, Bobcat. It was pretty cush! The exterior was sleek too and glowing blue. I forgot to post that pic.