Bathroom Update

Our bathroom leaves much to be desired. It's teeny tiny and there's only one. We really wanted a 2 bedroom house when we were shopping but had a really hard time finding houses with 2 in our price range. So you can say we settled - it's true. Our hope for the future is to add a bathroom to our bedroom - creating the oh so desirable "Master Suite" - that's a bit down the road now with the financial status of the world today. So a few months ago I was looking for a quick and easy way to update our bathroom. What's easier than changing the curtain? The first 3 pictures are the before. These final 3 are the after including this detail shot of my lovely little vintage hamper picked up from the famous Oak St. Vintage for a cool $30!

At one of my favorite Eugene stores - Modern I found the Marimekko print that I have as a mousepad too (see here in earlier post). The two decals above the towel hooks are from Blik. I had purchased this set for my office at work and had a few odd people left. Mr. Monkey doesn't love that his guy is wearing pink tights but I told him that all Bullfighters wear pink tights and it has no reflection on whether they're super hip monkeys or not. And since he was having troubles remembering which towel was his he had little choice about the decals. I also said he could be the girl and I would be the guy as long as he would remember which towel was his. Well we kept the genders appropriately assigned and we haven't had a problem with towel confusion ever again! So while this mini-makeover isn't spectacular it helps to hold me over until we have a redo or addition. 

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