Cheap Fun: Milk Glass

An always fun weekend activity for me is spending an hour or two thrifting around town. The little treasure hunter in me comes out - you know the one that wants to find something beautiful for a great price but I also want the object to reveal itself to me without too much work and effort - it's the weekend after all. Milk glass has over the last couple of years been one of life's little pleasures for me. (See office post here - note milk glass ash trays as paper clip holders.) Recently I found this amazing milk glass (Brody) pitcher. I will say I used it with great gusto for about 3 months until Mr. Monkey - trying to do his best to be a gracious host for a board meeting of Cascadia Wildlands - placed the pitcher filled with water in the freezer to cool the water quicker. He got busy with the meeting and quickly forgot the lovely porcelain being in the freezer only to find it in the morning irreversibly cracked. He apologized and I know he feels bad. Nonetheless I do miss it. The great thing about milk glass is that the little pitcher did not cost too much - maybe $15 bucks max. So I don't feel too bad about it and I feel confident that someday I'll be able to find one again. More recently I found the pretty little bud vase above for a buck at Goodwill. Gotta love it. For you last minute cash strapped Mother's Day shoppers - head to your local thrift store and see if they have any little milk glass bud vase. They're collectible, beautiful, and filled with flowers they will make any mom swoon upon sight. As always reusing an item rather than having it end up in the land fill is a wonderful gift for Mother Earth too - so on that cheezysappyending - Cheers to all moms (especially mine) who are always so good at showing their children how to appreciate life's little pleasures!

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