Mod Livin' in Denver: Part 1 Lee Alex Decor

Friends, it's hump day and while I found little modern living inspiration in between my meetings today my mind occasionally wandered back a few weeks in time to Denver C - O. For work I went but a few hours I stole back to visit a couple of stores that I wanted to share with you so that next time you're in DenCo (they love their abbreviated neighborhoods there) you can check out their vintage scene. First Up, Lee Alex Decor! You can find this vintage modern shop in SoBo (aka Baker Neighborhood from what I can tell - S. Broadway St.). I did a lot of toe tapping in the store to the funky beats that Lee has on while you shop. The store was immediately welcoming and it seemed like everyone who walked in was a regular and in fact I felt like one even though it was my first time there! Lee was super nice and pointed out these amazingly gorgeous candlesticks with a big O on the bottom for Rude Osolnik (1915-2001) that he had just picked up. They were indeed elegant and surprisingly sturdy. While I did not pick up the Tulipwood candle holders I brought back a singleton of Danish derivation. There is a picture here at Etsy ShopVintageStyle that sold back in 2009 of the same family. Maybe the coolest thing about talking to Lee was his seeing his tattoo! Check it out below. This cat is dedicated to his Vintage Modern aesthetic and it was wonderful to meet him and check out the store that he and his wife have worked to pull together. Lee was also nice and suggested a couple of other Denver vintage spots to stop at - those will be in the Part Deux posting.  For now please admire a few shots of Lee Alex Decor (this link to shop's twitter feed) and check out that tat!!! Totally atomic!


  1. My word, is that tat an eames lcw chair? super cool/raw-kin!

  2. Are you guys willing to talk about your wrap party for "Lost"? We are KEZI and looking for people having wrap parties.

    Please call 485-5611. Ask for Lindsey or Rick.

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