Eugene, OR: Staycation Idea #1

Vero Espresso House, in Eugene, Oregon.

It's a long weekend across the our country and Mr. Monkey and I are looking forward to spending some quality time at home. As I drive around town I've been thinking about if I were not driving and I was walking or biking instead how would I want to spend a luxuriously relaxed morning in Eugene. 
So here's my walking tour of how I would spend about 3 hours in town on Willamette St., one of the central arteries of Eugene life. 
Stop 1: Holy Donuts (1437 Willamette Street). I would start my morning at the locally started & fostered Holy Donuts. On a nice day you can sit out in the courtyard sipping coffee and savoring each bite of your organic, dairy, and egg free donut. My faves are the itty bites that you can get for a dollar a piece and they are great for a taste of the entire donut without the after-sugar whole doughnut guilt.  Word has it that they now have their own version of the Maple Bacon Donut that competitors Voodoo Doughnuts are famous for. With Voodoo just opening up about 6 blocks away there is sure to be some healthy (or not-so-healthy) competition. After talking to whoever is in the shop at the time about Eugene goings-on I would walk north on Willamette for some shopping. 
Stop 2: Delux Fashion Shop (1331 Willamette Street). From the Yelp reviewers you can tell that this is a great place to spend an hour or so. Search for treasures in an excellent variety of locally made clothes and jewelry as well as gently used vintage items. Often the jewelry I've bought here have turned into  great discussion starters at social gatherings. I have a favorite little felt pin of a one pearl-eyed octopus monster thing that despite that description I always receive compliments for when wearing. The shop owners too are great initiators of the local DIY culture by annually hosting and organizing a "Parade of Custom Made"; this year's theme was the "Carnival of Couture." After looking for goodies for an hour I would wander one block south to the new decor store.
NEST Interior
J. Pogan Bird Sculpture found at Nest on Willamette St. in Eugene, Oregon.
Stop 3: NEST: art, antiques, and decor (1245 Willamette Street). They've only been open for about a month. So I don't yet have a lot to report other than to say stop by and visit this little shop owned by a creative mother/daughter team. They have some unique items created by the daughter of the team as well as a number of other local artists. My picture below doesn't actually represent the best of what thy have. You can see it's a small space so can check everything out in a small period of time. My fave items were these incredible metal bird sculptures by Joe Pogan. Some of their items were too country chic for me but many of the items had a more modern feel that I could really appreciate it. I look forward to continuing to visit as they fill up the store with a larger variety of local artists. I would leave Nest and walk over a block to Oak street and south a couple of blocks to the best vintage store in Eugene. . . 
Stop 4: Oak Street Vintage (1409 Oak Street). I know you guys have heard me rave about OSV for years now but my enthusiasm has not wavered and my favorite day spent in Eugene would certainly involve a stop over. Last time in I picked up a gorgeously colorful 1960's Italian pitcher - used last night for beet, mint, lime juice, and vodka cocktails plus a vintage bar set that I've have yet to take out it pretty box. Here's a picture of a cabinet I was considering and I think has since been sold. So I think all told this would add up to a couple of hours of shopping an walking (heavy on the shopping side) so I think I would need a sit down for a refreshment. Off to my final stop of this relaxed day. 

Stop 5: Vero Espresso House (205 E. 14th Street). Just a block away from Oak Street Vintage this is the perfect place to sit outside with an italian soda, a panini, and a friend for lunch. The interior is cozy and the outdoor patio is usually packed in the summers. With free wifi and a friendly staff even a business meeting can pass as pleasurable here. Ah, even though I didn't actually make these rounds this morning I'm feeling remarkably blissful. I hope this weekend brings you similar sensations! (Vero Yelp reviews here.)


  1. I need a staycation!!! Vero is a fav already and I just discover holey donut! I love discovering new places.

  2. Me too. Feel free to recommend some of your faves. I'm always up for checking out new restaurants or venues. Cheers!

  3. Great photos! I think staycations are the bomb.

  4. Sounds like a perfect day. I don't know if I'd be able to make it out of Oak Street Vintage though. They have some serious eye candy. We have nothing like that in our little town....probably a good thing. Just found your blog and enjoyed reading it.