Margarita Holding Area & Modern Fence

Welcome, friends! I've been kinda floundering over here for the past month without a camera. On our last trip (to Chicago) I left our camera on the airplane in the pocket in front of my seat. I felt so sad about this because 1) we had just bought it in December, 2) we had pictures on it of the MHA and of our trip to Chicago, 3) I had pictures from my brief visit to the Jonathon Adler store. If you're in Chicago and looking for a colorful place to hang out for an hour or so go to the Jonathon Adler store. It was beautiful to see his vision so bright. The good news is that I have once again purchased a camera - a slightly bigger better res camera. I'm super excited to get some photos up. I'm in Denver now and taking a few pictures of cool Vintage shops and boutiques around town as I encounter them. That will be next weekend's post. For now here are some pics of the MHA and Mr. Monkey's start to the modern fence. Further narration below . . .
This is the first step up to the MHA. The wood pillars are from a big Doug Fir that was dying in our backyard. We hired someone to cut it down and Mr. Monkey took it to a local guy to have it milled or quartered or something. Now it's cut into these long pieces that Mr. Monkey will be using for the MHA's support for the railing. In the concrete step here a neighborhood cat was walking by and decided to leave his mark (thanks a lot, Squeaky!) so while at first we were disappointed we are now pleased at the character it adds. The concrete pillars are the base of where the wood pillars are going to be attaching to support the railing. The MHA is definitely going to start a new design genre - Rustic Modern?

Here is the start of the fence that backs up to the alley. You may recall that we took our inspiration from here the house on college hill with the cool modern landscaping and fence. I was hoping for a more chocolate color than a coffee color but that's how it turned out and Mr. Monkey did not find it funny when I asked what it would entail to make that change. So it is what it is. It's not bad just not what I was going for. In fact now it is an even closer match to the fence on college hill because the colors are very similar. It's growing on me and I'm just so pleased everyday when I look out into the backyard and see how great it looks and how it works - it keeps prying eyes out of the backyard. I love it! The last note is that I got to visit the MHA for the first time with Mr. Monkey and our friend Mid-west Monkey and the view is great and will be perfect for sunset viewing! Cheers!


  1. What a great post!Love the pictures!
    have a wonderful week:)

  2. Thanks, Diana! The back fence is totally completed and staircase stringers are up too. So I'll get those pictures up soon.

  3. I'm really looking forward to drinking atop your holding area. Too bad it's not ready on a day like today!

  4. Amen to that, rspoerl! It's gorgeous today and I sure would love to watch the sunset from up there this evening. Mr. Monkey just has two more steps to finish and then we can easily get up there but without hand rails it's a bit unsafe still. Cheers!